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Binge-watching stuff over the internet has surpassed the millennial craze and reached a new level of admiration of all ages. The things you watch tells a lot about you and can be used as an advantage to enhance and improve your everyday life. While as kids we were restricted mostly to watch only educational content by most parents, causing us more and more curiosity to watch other things. I am sure we have passed that age and now we want to spend our time watching something only if it gives us some value (be it enhancing our mood, improving our skills or making us a better person). I am listing down my favorite youtube channels which help me, educate me and entertain me in day to day life.

  • FitTuber: Being a fitness enthusiast I really like to watch things that help me in my day-to-day fitness goals. Be it bursting myths about the most popular products and habits or recommending a good one, FitTuber will rescue you. I especially like his myth bursting and best and worst product video series. He also recommends recipes and ayurvedic style of living, which is fascinating in itself. 
  • The Internet Said So: This one is not a channel but a podcast series put onto the channel of a famous comedian Varun Thakur. This is a podcast that educates you in its own fun way. Here a bunch of guys Varun, Nevill, Aadar, and Kautuk sit together and talk about a random bunch of things form the internet. They usually invite other famous comedians as guests too. This one keeps me company while I am doing household chores or cooking.
  • Books On Toast: Any bibliophile would love this channel. As the name suggests they are all about books. The two ladies who run the show here Sharin and Anuya are so different in the way they talk and discuss books and so fun to listen to. I especially recommend their BotCast which is a podcast about books, where they invite famous people and pick out a type and talk about it. If you are laid back in your reading or wishing to start reading again, they will inspire you immensely.
  • Film Companion: In order to stay updated with my movie choice, I follow this channel run by Anupama Chopra and a few other cinema enthusiasts. They give movie reviews, not a movie reviews, call in actors, directors, and filmmakers to chat and give out really nice recommendations. Anyone willing to enhance their watchlist should tune into this channel.
  • Kunal Kapur: He is a famous chef and you would have seen in Masterchef. Generally, for recipes, I like to google, research and mix and match to form my own recipe, however when it comes to Kunal Kapur's recipes I follow them diligently. From basic food to special ones, veg, non-veg, main course and snacks, all his recipes are nice and easy to make.

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