Dog-tails: Dog Mom Life (1)

"If you want someone to never break your heart, give your heart to a dog!"
Having a cute little furry is literally the best thing that could happen to you if you happen to be a cynophile. Dogs teach us a lot of things, being patient, right parenting, unconditional love, discipline, and being positive are just a few of them. Growing up I have always had a dog around in my household, who were treated with the same affection and love as me and my brother were. When I moved out to pursue my career in another city it was tough staying away from family, the tougher part was staying away from my dog (who stays with my parents now, Buddy). I could talk to my parents over the phone and video call, but it was very difficult to express my affection for my dog without petting him. Trust me I have cried more missing my dog when away from home than I have cried missing my parents.

Initially, there was no feasibility for me to keep my pet with me, away from my hometown. Expenses and time were the biggest concern since I was limiting myself to a strict budget, being a college student. With studies, exams, and pressure to perform it would have been challenging and unfair to get him here, the second problem was my parents would have missed him immensely, with me and my brother out of town it would have been hard for them to be away from their third kid. Even getting a new pup didn't seem feasible due to all the above issues. In all these years I went to a lot of dog-cafes, watched a lot many dog videos and petted almost all the dogs I could lay my hands on.  

When I started working I was sharing a flat, again with no option to have a pet as my flatmates were averse to the idea of a pet. Then a miracle happened and I moved on to stay alone. That was the time I realized it can't get any better, this is the time, I should get a pup. Then began the search to get a puppy. I had a strong affinity towards a Labrador because the dog I have at my home with my parents is a Labrador. I contacted a lot of people and organizations to adopt a puppy, but all my efforts were going to vain. The reason was that all of these people believed that a person who stays alone cannot take care of a dog in a proper manner. I had a different opinion though, I felt that a person who stays alone is the best one to take care of a dog because that person's attention will be totally on the dog! 
I had almost lost hope and then suddenly a friend called up and told me that there is a factory where there are puppies waiting to be adopted. I immediately went to the place, the very next day and saw a cute little munchkin, making noises as he was hungry.

That is how Mr. Leo came into my life.

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