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Making a habit is tough, but do you want to know what is tougher than that? Breaking one. Trying to follow a healthy lifestyle has become a fad now but little do we realize that it is all the things our parents used to ask us to do during childhood. Get up early, sleep early, do not eat fried food, eat a home-cooked meal, eat vegetables, brush your teeth before sleeping and the list is endless. As the years passed by I realized the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, not because it became a fashion but because it made me feel so much better and made my life so much more organized. Here I am not only talking about physical fitness but about mental fitness and a general lifestyle betterment. Below are the habits which I have formed over the years, I know they are not really big ones, but they sure have helped me.

  • Early to bed and early to rise: I remember mom telling me each and every day to sleep early, but I was impressed with the night owl life. As I grew up I realized that sleeping early and getting up early not only gives me a night of better and relaxed sleep but also gives me enough time in the morning to plan my day. I have enough time to cook meals, workout and read before the actual day starts. I prefer getting up by 5:30 am at the max, watching the sunrise is blissful!
  • Cooking my meals: Swiggy and Zomato deliveries have made our lives easier and made us lazier. We have an excuse now that even if we do not cook, we have the option of getting our meal on a click. Personally, I was not untouched with the concept of eating out and getting the food delivered, however one fine day when I woke up early, I decided to cook, and it took me hardly an hour to cook the whole day's meal, snacks included! I will give more insights on what and when I eat in another post. Cooking has made me more disciplined. I know what I am putting in my body.
  • Following a night-ritual: Many of us complain about acne breakouts, not getting a night of good sleep, etc. A simple night ritual has made me tackle all these problems within 5 minutes. I ensure to brush my teeth, wash my face and moisturize, wash my feet, drink a cup of hot water/chamomile tea and read a page or two. I sleep like a baby and pass out by 11 pm on most days. Of course, what you eat the whole day has a lot to do with your skin and sleep. I also ensure to not drink any tea/coffee/chocolate-based drink post 6 pm (except peppermint and chamomile tea).
  • No addiction to tea/coffee: I love drinking all sorts of beverages however I have ensured that I do not depend on them. I never drink tea/coffee first thing in the morning, I take them as a treat instead. I see a lot of people around me who depend immensely on tea/coffee, so much so that they can't function without it, if they don't drink it in the morning they can't wake up. If the absence of anything is affecting your mood, you are addicted.
  • Reading: I know not everyone likes to read, some of you might find reading immensely boring, my suggestion there would be to do something which calms your mind, be it yoga, watching a good series or looking at memes! I prefer reading because it helps me to know so many things which I wouldn't have known otherwise.
  • Sweat it out: Working out has become a fashion now, and I am glad because it makes a lot many people move from their couches! I have always loved to workout, and my dad being a gym-o-holic has made it more motivating for me. I ensure that I never go without a workout for more than three days. I am proud to say that it has become a habit now, just like taking bath and eating, so it is a part of my routine. I have recently discovered CrossFit and am swept away by its charm! Even on the days, I don't work out, I walk a lot and control my diet.
  • Drink: Yes I love drinking water! You can call me a brand ambassador of water. I have taken a 500ml bottle and have divided time slots in my day by when it should be finished. A small bottle encourages me to drink more water as it gives a sense of accomplishment when I finish one.
  • Cheating on my diet: On weekdays I ensure to eat home-cooked food, which is not deep-fried. However, I religiously follow the tradition of a cheat meal. One cheat meal per weekend is a fixed occurrence! I do try to balance it by making better choices in my other meals. So yes balance is the key. Also never starve/deprive yourself of anything you are craving. If you are craving a cake, eat in moderation, do not make it a habit though. If you deprive yourself, most likely you will eat a whole cake later! 

I still need to improve a lot of things, keeping my wardrobe clean for starters!
Share the habits you live by?
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