Come, let's kombucha: Brewing Kombucha at home

Kombucha has swept the world away with its superb taste and healing properties. To all of you who are new to the kombucha world, let us see what kombucha is. 

What is Kombucha
Kombucha is a fermented tea. A sugary tea is kept for some days and it ferments to give kombucha. It has been in the world from ages and years but has probably recently gained more popularity as it became all fitness lover's favorite. You can see many health bloggers going gaga over kombucha, but it is not a new concept. It is believed to originate in China in 220 B.C. and has been loved in Japan ever since.

Why Kombucha?
Different people claim different benefits of Kombucha. It is said to help with digestion and to keep your gut healthy, and obviously, a healthy gut leads to a healthy body. Kombucha is also believed to control diabetes and blood pressure (No scientific articles to attach here though). I love kombucha for its zing and fizzy flavor. If you are trying to minimize or quit your beer intake, this drink can come handy.

Is it healthy?
Yes, it is super healthy, especially for summers when you want to drink something cold, a chilled kombucha can be a lifesaver! But wait didn't I mention sugar before? That is magic! Our lovely SCOBY eats away all the sugar in the process of fermentation and gives us kombucha!

How to make it at home?
Kombucha is not the cheapest drink which you can get in the market, a bottle can easily cost you 60-100 bucks. If you want to include it in your daily diet as a pro-biotic, making it at home is super easy and convenient, and of course much much cheaper. All you need is a healthy SCOBY, tea, sugar, and a glass jar.
I got my SCOBY from "Heal Your Gut", they are a Bangalore based probiotics company who provide probiotic products and equipment to brew them, like kombucha and kefir. Most important part of brewing a good batch of kombucha is a healthy SCOBY. The one I got from Heal Your Gut was a matured mother SCOBY which I used for many batches and it yielded me with healthy baby SCOBYs. I have tried getting SCOBY's from other places but none of them were as strong and good as this one. 

  • The first step is to get a healthy mother SCOBY and starter tea.
  • The next step here is to prepare regular black tea with 1-liter water and about 6-8 tablespoon of sugar. 
  • Please use sulphurless organic sugar and organic black tea. The SCOBY should be kept away from chemicals.
  • Cooldown this tea completely, and strain into a clean glass jar. 
  • Add the starter tea and the SCOBY. 
  • Cover the glass with a clean cotton cloth and seal with a rubber band. Ensure that your hands are super clean, your workstation is super clean and you clean the jar and your hand with lukewarm water and some vinegar. 
  • Keep the glass jar in a cool airy place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. 
  • Check back again in 7-9 days, you will see a baby SCOBY formed on top. 
  • Taste your tea and bottle it. Keep aside about 200-30 ml of tea for the next batch, and repeat.
I would highly recommend getting your first SCOBY from Heal Your Gut. The owner not only helps you with a SCOBY but gives you detailed instructions on how to brew the perfect batch of kombucha. They also are available for all your silly doubts (which I had when I was brewing). Check them out here:

Thank you Heal Your Gut for partnering in this!
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