Indrani Cosmetics: Review

We are living in a changing world. What seemed to be unattainable, now seems normal! With so many changes coming into the picture, the beauty world has surely changed as well. Going to the parlor is not easy and safe as it was before. So to maintain our skin there are things which we must try and do at home. While the natural remedies are important and eating right helps the most, there are certain products that do help us meet our daily goal of skincare. For a person like me who does not believe in make-up and loves to stick to a natural look, good skin is a must! Indrani Cosmetics is one such cosmetics company that has been in the beauty market for years and has developed the products after deep research to meet the standards of the changing world. In this article, I am going to talk about their Lavender Spa Cleanser, Seagreen spa facial pack, Spa skin Freshener and Orange Facial kit. Let us get started!

Lavender Spa Cleanser: Lavender is my favorite fragrance be it a perfume, cream, face wash, or even tea! Indrani's Lavender Spa Cleanser leaves your skin soft and refreshed right after the first use. This is like cleansing milk which you can use after a day of make-up, or even include in your regular cleaning-washing-moisturizing nightly routine. The smell is of lavender, which seems prominent but once you apply, it fades into a calming and soothing fragrance. It is good for all skin types, provided you do wash your skin post the use.

Seagreen Spa Facial Pack: The fragrance of this face pack as soon as you open the box will allure you to try it instantly! This texture of the pack is on the clay side but spreads very well on the application. I recommend wetting your face before applying this for easy application. Post the usage the skin feels fresh, tightened, and nourished. The whole experience is enticing because of the beautiful and cool aroma. Just grab a glass of wine and enjoy a nice book along! 

Spa Skin Freshener: If you are someone who uses toner on their skin, this product will be a great addition on your shelf. With soothing properties of mint and stimulating menthol fragrance, Spa Skin Freshener can be just dabbed on your skin with a cotton ball after the usage of the spa facial pack, or you can include it in your daily cycle as well. It helps in shrinking open pores thus toning the skin. Here I would like to mention one special ingredient, witch hazel which has medicinal properties!

Orange Facial Kit: As a person with combination skin I always struggle with the right facial products. Thankfully Indrani's Orange Facial kit, meant for oily skin takes away my problems. Orange does carry an advantage of freshness with its smell, and this facial kit is not untouched of that property. I used to think facial at home would be tough, but the pre-portioned products, make this facial kit super easy and non-fussy to use. The facials are parlor cost a bomb and even after that when you get pimples and other side effects, it breaks your heart. Well, not anymore! The citrus orangy smell makes this facial kit energizing and exhilarating. So grab your girlfriends and have facial session at home!

Disclaimer, these products do come with certain chemicals, so if you only use herbal products, a patch test is recommended. All the views expressed in this article are my own. The products behave differently with everyone's skin, so again, I recommend a patch test before full-blown usage.
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